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Preschool - 8th Grade

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Click on the issue date to read a PDF copy of the Japhet School newsletter. All newsletters include a message from the Head of School, Alumni News, photographs of our students in action, and a peek into school programs.

Spring 2021
We reflect with gratitude on a year of in-person learning and silver linings amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This issue also features Classroom Windows, a special article about longtime friend Jay Schmitt, and an extra-long alumni section.

Spring 2020
This issue focuses on service endeavors and the results of a large grant that brought new technology and playground equipment to Japhet School.

Fall 2019
We celebrate wonderful additions to our outdoor education, technology, and scholarship programs funded by a large grant. This issue also highlights our Class of 2019 and a special spotlight on our Grandparents of Japhet School “Plus”!

Spring 2019
Japhet School teachers share ways they innovate in their classrooms! This edition features Classroom Windows,  and our Head of School asks, “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

Fall 2018
Japhet School reaches out into the community in new ways. This issue also spotlights a special teacher and trustee who has dedicated her life to teaching children with character in mind.

Spring 2018
Welcome new Head of School, Mrs. Vizena! This issue also gives an update about the payoff of our mortgage, and names a Japhet alumna as making Crain’s top “40 under 40” list.

Summer 2017
This issue shares an announcement and a big opportunity for Japhet School from Cathy and Joe Mohan. We give readers a peek into Leadership Class, and we also feature an extra large section dedicated to our alumni … they’re going places!

Spring 2017
Come into our classrooms! This issue provides a page of classroom photos and an introduction of two teachers who love bringing hands-on science activities to their students. This issue also shares news of our Play-and-Learn toddler program, and an invite to the Fore the Kids Golf Outing.

Summer 2016
This issue reflects on “The Importance of Being Seen” and shares parent and student perspectives on how Japhet teachers see children as individual learners. This issue also shares our new 8-year Strategic Plan that provides a clear road map for Japhet’s future.

Winter 2016
Japhet School’s Kids for Peace are making a difference in our community and in the world. Also: our students take character afield in their sports endeavors! Catch up with alumni news, and learn about an opportunity to have your Capital Campaign donations matched 100%.

Summer 2015
How does Japhet School teach social justice? A regional parenting magazine reached out to our school to find out. Discover our “Pioneer Village” outdoor playscape, read about our Class of 2015, and catch up with alumni graduations and marriages.

Summer 2014
Learn about our unique summer Peace Camp, which brings children of many ages together in discussion, fine art, field trips, and more centered on peace. Also: read about the high school and college achievements of Japhet School alumni.

Spring 2014
“Dive In” to the depths of Preschool’s ocean unit to discover how Japhet School teachers develop a love for learning with creativity, hands-on science exploration, and joy.

Fall 2013
Follow our new school’s photographic timeline from our purchase date in June to the first week of school in September. Plus, Technology Q&A explains the upgrades to Chromebooks and wireless interface.

Summer 2013
Exciting news about our relocation from Madison Heights to Clawson!

Fall 2012
What does it mean to have cross-curricular integration? Discover how Japhet teachers work together to enrich learning.

Winter 2012
Alumni profile: two Japhet graduates on a screen near you! Plus: photo array of special classes, as well as a list of 2011 Donors to Japhet School.

Fall 2011
Learn about the ISACS Self-Study process, a time when independent schools like Japhet ensure that their educational program puts the school’s mission into practice.

Summer 2011
What does it mean to be a Michigan Green School? It’s much more than a flag on our gymnasium wall.

Winter 2011
Read about our recent connections with three universities and how these collaborations benefit our students.

Fall 2010
Discover how collaboration will benefit Japhet School and our entire community!

Summer 2010
Read about our Class of 2010, Rouge River environmental education, and how a student expressed initiative to help the Audubon Society.

Winter 2010
Discover how best-practice teaching methods are being applied in Japhet’s reading and writing classrooms with Writer’s Workshop.

Fall 2009
We introduce INSPO — Inspiring Speakers, Participants, and Observers — as the new name for our weekly all-school character assembly, formerly known as Chapel.

Summer 2009
Japhet School celebrates becoming a Michigan Green School!

Winter 2009
Enjoy a photographic tour of Japhet classrooms and a look at the year’s outbound service focus.

Fall 2008
Students explore Michigan, Brazil, and beyond during our annual Social Studies Fair.

Summer 2008
We celebrate our graduates and introduce four new scholarships for future Japhet students!

Winter 2008
Another Winter issue — always a favorite — focuses on Japhet academics in action with photographs.

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