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Preschool - 8th Grade

Preschool - 8th Grade


“Japhet empowered me to be an intellectual explorer.”

— Japhet alumna, now employed by National Geographic

“As we spent more time at our daughter’s new school, we saw that there was a sense of community and an emphasis on leadership. ‘Doing the right thing when no one was looking’ was how our 3-year-old defined ‘reliability’ — the character trait for September. She got it — I mean she really understood it. It was an action more than a parroted quip that someone fed her. This solidified our decision to stay at Japhet.”

— Preschool parent

“When our son, who is now in high school, was giving his first speech at Japhet, we asked if he was nervous. He replied, ‘Why would I be? Everybody does it.’ Many adults would have butterflies at the thought of standing up in front of 50 people, but not our 6-year-old.”

— Alumni and Upper Class parent

“Japhet School taught me the meaning of community.”

— Japhet alumna, now an outreach specialist for a Detroit nonprofit

“My son’s teacher embraces his education as though she were teaching one of her own children. I know she wants the best for him and is willing to provide it. Japhet educators understand that children are not numbers in a system or merely a district obligation.”

— Primary Class parent

“Our son entered high school with social maturity, the foundation for which came from the character education at Japhet. He has a highly developed sense of right and wrong, a strong work ethic, and a caring attitude toward others. My wife and I leveraged the education from Japhet to instill these wonderful characteristics in him, but it is our son alone who has decided to live them.”

— Alumni parent

“Japhet is at the leading edge of contemporary education. Yet, the school’s true strength is a constant emphasis on the needs of the child as a whole person. Such grounding in a caring, supportive school leads to the development of the 5 C’s in developmental science – competence,
confidence, character, connection, and contribution – something that describes every Japhet student I have met. The sincere appreciation at Japhet for the unique promise of each child affords the Japhet student a strong voice through which he or she can contribute a meaningful verse in the powerful play of life.”

Middle Class parent and professor of cognitive development, Wayne State University

“We are reminded of Japhet’s character qualities in the compliments of others — people who comment on our son’s self-control, peaceful demeanor, and ability to talk with adults. Japhet gives our child tools to interact with the world and be a peaceful citizen in society.”

Primary Class parent

“Japhet’s philosophy to see each person with unlimited talents applies not only to our students, but also to each other. As teachers we encourage, support, and choose to see the good in one another. Often I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for this school for which I work. I wish teachers in every school could have this same experience … imagine the difference it would make for our kids.”

— Japhet staff member

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Japhet School's mission is to nurture and prepare each child for life by integrating character education with a strong academic program.

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