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Preschool - 8th Grade

Preschool - 8th Grade

Standardized Testing

Nearly all Japhet School students perform at or above national averages on national standardized tests.

At Japhet School we view standardized testing as one of many windows that can reveal the level of knowledge and ability within a student.

As stated in our philosophy, we believe that the best education includes instruction in basic study habits and test taking (point 8), and we also believe that students learn best when information is shared with creativity, enthusiasm, and in a variety of ways that supports different learning styles (point 3).

Many students naturally test well, others rely on their awareness of test-taking skills to achieve their best, and some students demonstrate their mastery of a subject by more creative methods, which may not be evident on standardized test results.

What does all this mean, in regard to standardized testing at Japhet School?

In short: we teach students how to approach standardized tests effectively and confidently. Students test at the beginning, midpoint, and end of each year using the IowaFlex assessment, an adaptive, comprehensive test of basic reading and math skills, beginning in third grade. (Second-graders take a copy of the California Achievement Test, which we score internally.)

Giving students the opportunity and experience to take standardized tests prepares them for their futures. Day to day, we strive to employ a variety of evaluative tools to measure a student’s mastery of an academic unit, ranging from multiple-choice, short-answer and essay tests to cumulative projects to oral presentations.

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Japhet School's mission is to nurture and prepare each child for life by integrating character education with a strong academic program.

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