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Preschool - 8th Grade

Preschool - 8th Grade

10 Reasons Parents and Students Love Japhet School

  1. Character Education
  2. Academic Excellence
  3. Small Classes
  4. Differentiated and Accelerated Courses
  5. Japhet Teachers Get to Know Their Students
  6. Oral Presentation
  7. Off-Campus Programs
  8. Class Trips
  9. Fun and Games
  10. Lifelong Friendships

If just one of these reasons speaks to you, come discover all that Japhet School can offer your family.

1. Character Education — Leaders with Character and Integrity

At Japhet School character education is integrated into everything we do. Based on 18 character qualities studied on a two-year cycle, Japhet’s character curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills that help them become leaders with character and integrity. These values promote good choices and respect for others.

Japhet School was the first independent school nationwide and the first school in Michigan to be recognized as a National School of Character by the Character Education Partnership in Washington, D.C. This award plays tribute to our outstanding character education and academic programs.

2. Academic Excellence — at Japhet and Beyond

Japhet students receive a balanced and strong academic foundation that prepares them for the transition to high school. Japhet graduates move comfortably and successfully to a variety of public, charter, parochial, and independent schools.

Japhet alumni enter high school confident and well prepared to meet the academic and social challenges of secondary education. Many qualify for honors and advanced placement college credit courses.

Standardized testing, completed annually, confirms that Japhet students, as a group, achieve above the national average in all academic subjects.

3. Small Classes — Increased Opportunity to Excel

A low student-to-teacher ratio means greater individual support and increased opportunity to excel. Students in all grades know each other by name, and teachers and staff know each child in the school. Whether a child learns quickly or needs extra time to master concepts, a small and quiet setting enables that success.

Japhet School teachers truly get to know their students because they teach them for two years in this small setting. This affords first-hand knowledge and awareness of each student’s accomplishments and potential, as well as insight in to the learning styles of each child.

4. Differentiated and Accelerated Courses — Level-Appropriate for Each Individual

Japhet students have the opportunity to learn at a level that is appropriate for each individual. Teachers strive to develop challenging and meaningful assignments for various levels within a given classroom. This is accomplished by focusing on a variety of learning styles, integrating subject matter between classrooms and subjects, and emphasizing higher-level thinking skills.

Japhet School is committed to the careful and purposeful blending of two grades in each classroom, which has multiple benefits. Presenting multi-level assignments gives students an opportunity to do the work that is appropriate for their academic readiness. Blended classes also give the older students in each class the occasion to express positive leadership and guidance to their younger classmates.

5. Japhet Teachers Get to Know Their Students — Monitor and Guide Progress

Teachers are nurturing and approachable. Because students are taught by their teachers for more than one year, teachers are able to closely monitor and guide each child’s progress. Students and parents are encouraged to call their teachers at home or contact them via email if questions arise.

6. Oral Presentation -— Self-Confidence and Poise Last a Lifetime

Speaking with confidence is a skill that many parents and adults wish they’d learned at a younger age. At Japhet, students perform onstage from Preschool through 8th grade and also make academic presentations to the entire student body and guests starting in 1st grade. By eighth grade, they are well prepared to deliver a 25-minute keynote address about one of our character qualities, which each student does prior to graduation.

Because students begin this training at a young age in a safe and supportive environment where everyone is involved, oral presentation becomes a part of their academic routine. The self-confidence they gain and the poise they develop are gifts that last a lifetime.

7. Off-Campus Programs — Solve Problems as a Team

From Preschool to 8th grade, Japhet teachers take advantage of the abundant resources in the Metro Detroit area through well planned field trips that support the curriculum. Whether it be a Kindergarten trip to a theatrical performance or Middle School excursions to collect and study zebra mussels with a local university, students learn best when information is presented in a variety of ways.

In September, Japhet’s 5th- through 8th-graders head north for three days of fun and discovery at Leelanau Outdoor Center on the shores of Lake Michigan near Glen Arbor. There, students test themselves and stretch their physical, emotional, and social limits as they learn to solve problems as a team and to get to know each other before making judgments.

8. Class Trips — Learning in a New Setting

Each year 7th and 8th grade students are offered an opportunity to learn as a group in different settings. Class trips have offered excursions to the Colorado Rockies and Four Corners area, Boston, Chicago, Florida, and Washington, D.C. Sightseeing is integrated with hands-on learning in archaeology, science, and social studies.

5th and 6th grade students stay closer to home with two-day educational trips to cities such as Cleveland or Stratford, Ontario.

Even the 3rd and 4th graders have overnight getaways; one such popular trip is to the hands-on I-5 Science Museum in Lansing.

9. Fun and Games — Solid Academics + Fun Opportunities for Growth

While solid academics are paramount at Japhet, students, faculty, and staff also enjoy thematic spirit days and events. Academic Jeopardy, team-building games, Family Math Night, Field Day, an annual talent show, and all-school multi-age recesses offer fun opportunities for growth.

10. Lifelong Friendships — Real Relationships Develop Within the Japhet Community

Real relationships develop among students and teachers in this small personal setting. Alumni from around the world stay in touch with classmates and former teachers. Many frequently return to Japhet events and volunteer their time.

Parents also benefit from the deep sense of community. Frequent opportunities to communicate with teachers and administration occur as children are dropped off and picked up. Parents can easily stay well informed and be heard. Volunteer opportunities are available in many capacities via classroom teachers, the Parent Support Group, and Development Office.

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