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Preschool - 8th Grade

Preschool - 8th Grade

Leadership Class

“A leader needs to have more than a good heart; they need to inspire the hearts of others.” ~ Simon Sinek

Each spring I have the privilege of teaching Leadership Class to our fifth through eighth grade students. This class, which is a long standing Japhet tradition, provides our older students with the opportunity to understand what leadership, based on character, really means.

Students practice leadership via role-playing, classroom discussions and activities that require teamwork and cooperation to accomplish.  While my intent is to inspire them to consciously think about leading and to rise to the opportunities I provide for them to practice leadership, I find myself inspired by their insight, cooperation, and understanding of what it means to lead others.

Here are a few reflections from our Intermediate Class and Upper Class students:

  • “You have to reach a person’s spirit and use that as a detail to help you lead.  You have to be kind to be a good leader.  Leaders lead by their actions and their words, not just their status.” ~ IC student
  • “You need to lead yourself, before you can lead others.” ~ UC student
  • “Being a leader will take you to another place where other people may have not seen from that view.” ~ UC student

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