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Preschool - 8th Grade

Preschool - 8th Grade

Japhet Parents Inspire Me

Today, I am especially inspired by Ty Partridge, a parent of a third-grade boy. Ty is a professor at Wayne State University and a child advocate, and also an ambassador of Japhet School. We asked him to speak at two important events for our school this year. And while I have always known that what we have here at Japhet is special, sometimes one needs to hear it from another for it to ring true in a deeper tone … one that reached the very core of his audience last night.

“… I can assure you that Japhet is at the leading edge of contemporary education,” shared Ty. “Yet, while Japhet’s academic acumen is impressive, Japhet’s true strength is that there has always been a constant emphasis on the needs of the child as a whole person. Such grounding in a caring, supportive school leads to the development of what has become known in developmental science as the 5 C’s – competence, confidence, character, connection, and contribution – something that describes every Japhet student I have met. The sincere appreciation at Japhet for the unique promise of each and every child affords the Japhet student a strong voice through which he or she can contribute a meaningful verse in the powerful play of life.”

Thank you, Ty, and thank you to every parent who has entrusted their most precious gift with Japhet School.

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Japhet School's mission is to nurture and prepare each child for life by integrating character education with a strong academic program.

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