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Preschool - 8th Grade

Preschool - 8th Grade

How do you express courage?

Students have been exploring the character quality of courage this month. 

  “I use courage when I try new drinks and foods.”~ Preschooler

  “When I see a thunderstorm and the lightening goes, I tell my mom and dad and they give me courage.”   ~ Preschooler

  “I used courage by going up the stairs by myself in the dark while my mommy waited for me.”  ~ 1st grade student

  “I had some hard math problems that I thought I couldn’t do.  But I tried very hard, used courage, and did it!”  ~ 2nd grade student


Katya, an eighth-grader, fulfilled one of her graduation requirements by preparing and delivering a 20-minute keynote presentation about the character quality of courage.  Katya began by sharing Japhet School’s definition of courage.

Katya called upon other Japhet students to read each action statement, beginning with “face challenges fearlessly” and ending with “persevere in my search for knowledge and avoid whatever would try to stop me.” 

She then read the book Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt. In the story, Scaredy Squirrel doesn’t want to leave the comfort of his tree. Every day is the same: wake up, eat a nut, see the view, eat a nut, and go to bed. In his tree he is safe from those things which he fears: tarantulas, green Martians, and sharks.  One day everything changes for Scaredy Squirrel and he isn’t afraid to try new things.  Katya asked how Scaredy Squirrel showed courage. Students said he faced challenges and resolved to do nothing less than his best. 

Katya and her classmates then performed a skit that she wrote in which two baby birds were preparing to fly from their nest. They were afraid but also excited about the potential adventure. Like Scaredy Squirrel, they were afraid to leave the comfort of home. They discovered it was fun to take that leap!



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