Japhet School

National School of Character

Preschool - 8th Grade

Preschool - 8th Grade

Character by Design

Character education is an essential part of a child’s education.

~ Japhet School Philosophy Statement #2

Whether we know it or not, we all teach character. We speak out, we make choices – in short we model character daily with both our words and our actions. Thomas Lickona, an expert on character education and author of several books on the matter, says, “Character education is taught either by design or default.” Sad to say, all too often character is taught by default – what you see is what you get. Teaching character by design means we’re constantly aware of what we’re teaching and what we’re modeling. And when we’re aware, we’re modeling and teaching our best.

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Our Mission

Japhet School's mission is to nurture and prepare each child for life by integrating character education with a strong academic program.

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