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Preschool - 8th Grade

Preschool - 8th Grade

Character: A Roadmap for Life

As summer comes to a close and a new school year is about to start, I’ve been reflecting on my summer vacation. Summer vacations often involve travel. Planning a route can involve maps, charts, compasses, or a GPS.

But what helps you find your way as you travel through the journey of life? Values such as respect, integrity, justice, and humility are great reference points. Character education provides us with a roadmap for life – a type of moral compass to turn to for guidance.

For example, Japhet’s character quality of reliability instructs us to “speak the truth and not let anyone think or say anything untrue about me.” This path of honesty leads us to make accurate conclusions and informed decisions based on truth.

The character quality of Respect for Others encourages us to “be open-minded and receptive to new people, different ideas and experiences that are not familiar to me.” We don’t need to react negatively to things that are unfamiliar to us. With respect and humility at the helm, we can learn from others as well as consider new opportunities.

Let’s remember to take good character with us today!

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Japhet School's mission is to nurture and prepare each child for life by integrating character education with a strong academic program.

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